Special Programs

In addition to our core curriculum, we offer programs and learning opportunities for our students both during and after school. The special programs at Loomis Academy  include: All day PreKindergarten, Special Education Resource Program, Literacy groups including MOSTS, Read-A-Loud, Accelerated Reader Program,  Accelerated Math Program, Scholastic programs, World Math Day, Structured After School Tutorials, Pi Day, Math Quiz Bowl with video conferencing, Math and ELA Compensatory Education, 21st Century, Safety Patrol, Service Squad Team, Junior Achievement, LEGO League, Science Fair, Talent Show, Seasonal Music Programs, and sports for all grade levels.

Youth Sports Program

The Youth Sports Program is for Elementary students attending Saginaw Public Schools. Teams are formed at the schools and coached by volunteers, usually parents. Games are played on Saturdays. Each sport has five weeks of regular season play. The Youth Sports Program is designed to present students with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and rules of the sport, improve their skills and coordination, experience team play while encouraging school spirit and pride, and to master the basics of good sportsmanship. Each child will be asked to pay a $10 player fee.


Touch Football - Fall

Grades 3-4 Co-Ed; Grades 4-5-6 Co-Ed


Girls Basketball - Fall

Grades 3-4; Grades 4-5-6


Boys Basketball - Winter

Grades 3-4; Grades 4-5-6;



Grades 2-6


Grade 2-6